Festival path and general info

On the second of June we are holding our 12th International Festival of brass band Orchestras.
We start on the “house” and move down the line all the way to the “star” Starting time is to be determined, you can expect to begin marching around 17:00. Once everyone is on the main square(star) we play 2 short songs together and after that we take turns playing on the main stage.
Drum-set, bass guitar amplifier and electric guitar amplifier will be provided, but be sure to bring your own music stands.


New pages and concert announcement

This are the new Brass band Josip Kašman web pages. By use of pages, you can read about us, contact us using the contact form, browse pictures from various events, even listen to some of our renditions of various compositions.

Summer concert season starts on 25.05.2016 at 17:00 in the city marina to celebrate Sport games.

Mimohod Puhačkog orkestra Josip Kašman na topao ljetni dan
Brass band Josip Kašman from Mali Lošinj, march on a hot summer day